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In the conversation, Nick shares his expertise as a Tony Award winning producer, award winning filmmaker and writer who has worked in entertainment for nearly 30 years and has been offering meditation and business coaching online for the last two years. Founded in 2013, DaDa is one of the leading online English education platforms in China. DaDa is partnered with Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill Education, Oxford University Press, National Geographic Learning, and Highlights. As a consequence of social distancing and shelter-in-place policies, so many yoga teachers are moving into online teaching for the first time and others are teaching online in new ways and with new partnerships. Recently, I enlisted my friend, teacher and mentor, Nick Demos, for a live conversation around online teaching contracts and agreements so that teachers could make better informed decisions when deciding to teach online. DaDa typically offers raises (of approximately 10%) to successful teachers when contracts are to be renewed. Our conversation centers on an online teaching contract that we were both present with a year ago for a teacher training whose staff we were both on. While I was taken aback by many parts of the contract, I immediately called Nick to get his perspective because I knew he had a lot more experience when dealing with contracts for video and online content. For the benefit of the larger yoga community, Nick takes me through that contract again in this discussion to go over some of the finer points and give tips on what yoga teachers should look out for and try to negotiate when being asked to teach online as part of another business or platform. We offer 120-hour, online TESOL certificates that are recognized by DaDa. See here for details. DaDa pays approximately $7 U.S. if you convert a trial student into a registered student.

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